Knitting For Charity

Make a difference today by knitting for charity.

It always feels good when you can do something for another person whether you personally know that person or not. Any random act of kindness, like catching a puppy before it runs away from its worried owner, helping an elderly cross the street, or rescuing a child from slipping on the wet floor are just some of the simple yet kind ways that you can do for other people.

Every single day, all of us are given the chance to step up and lend a helping hand to those in need. One of the most unique ways to experience the rush of warmth brought about by knowing that you have helped someone is through knitting for charity.

Knitting for Charity Benefits the Recipient and the Knitter

Knitting has always been considered as one of the top hobbies of many individuals from different parts of the world. For avid knitters, knitting feeds the soul and keeps the mind and fingers alert.

Who would not want to receive a carefully hand knitted item as a gift?

And in the case of knitting for charity, it is something that can benefit you as the knitter as well as the recipient of the item that you have personally knitted. While knitted items provide warmth, comfort and hope to those in homeless charities and children charities, knitting for charity will also make you realize just one of your meaningful purposes and talents as an individual.

Aside from the fuzziness and warmth brought by knitting for charity, you can also get actual benefits for your health. It was shown in studies that knowing that you can help others. Knitting, sewing for charity or a crochet for charity, can increase a person’s sense of well being as a whole, which can then lessen heart disease and chronic pain and even reduce depression.

Tips When Knitting for Charity

Now that you know how knitting to help a charity can benefit you as well, here are some tips to get you started in this charity work of yours.

  • Read thoroughly the website of your chosen charity to ensure that it is really worthy of all the hours you will be spending on knitting the items.
  • Before you send out your donations, get in touch with the organization first. There are many charities that change or even become insolvent.
  • Invite other knitters. Having a knitting community can make the time fly swiftly by, not to mention that it will also ensure that the momentum will be kept strong especially when you feel like you are already hauling the project just so it can be finished.
  • Use your leftover yarn, something that all knitters definitely have. It is the cheapest and greenest choice when using yarn for knitting for charity.

Personally working on something that you will give to another person who is more in need will let you change your entire reference frame, making you think not of what you lack, but of what you have. Knitting for charity is definitely a great way for forgetting your problems and keeping your mind more focused on how you can help those who are less fortunate than you.

Do you knit, crochet, macrame or do any sort of crafts for charity?

It would be so wonderful if you could share your story and pictures if you have them. Encourage other people who have a gift or talent to join in and give true love using them. When most people think of charity they think of giving money primarily.

Share how you got starting in crafting for charity. What do you craft usually. How do you distribute your gifts, is there a particular organization that you've joined. Don't forget to share your pictures if you have any.

Thank you so much for your motivation and encouragement as a role model who gives true love.

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