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Relation, “an aspect or quality (as resemblance or causality) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together, as being of the same kind, or as being logically connected.” celebrates love, charity and relation to one another. Gather together with us to discuss topics such as love, self love, relationships and charity. Here you will have the opportunity to practice with me giving true love through charity to others who are our family.

We can even have fun with love quotes, love sms, share your first love story, love poems , best love songs and more.

We must engage in constant development great big love near and far.

Here is a question, does love cultivate starting with self and then branching out to others from inside out? OR does love cultivate itself best when primarily loving from outside in, giving love to others? What do you think?

Well this website is the active testing ground for that question.

Ask Questions, get/ give answers, and test love why don’t ya!

With all of the ideas in the world augmenting the differences of each other, the truth is that we are more the same than different. One thing is universal, we all long to love and to be loved. That will never change.

So let’s dig into it!

What is love? How can we love more? Love better? Give true love, get true love, live to love. Explore this website with me and be prepared to get love and live love here through sharing. Make giving true love a new way of living.

Please check back often, as we will add new content daily. You may begin by reading some of the articles below, or going straight to our Blog for the latest.

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Give True Love
Welcome to Give Love Blog
What Is Love
I see you’re asking yourself the important question,” What is Love?”
Love Quote
A love quote to warm your heart and open your mind to wisdom and truth about the complex concept of love.
The Gift of Charity Work
When we talk about charity work, the first thing that enters our minds is helping others. It is that time when you simply forget about yourself and instead..
Top Charities
Some people are fast learners, others are prayerful. However, nothing quite cuts the biscuit as being charitable. This is why there are so many charities in the world. Here are some top charities.
Self Love
Do we just look for another person to fulfill our desires and make us feel special? It’s time that you build your self love relationship. You can love yourself better than anybody else can.
Living Single
There is an art to living single that your married friends and family have either forgotten or never knew in the first place.
Single Ladies
Single ladies have many more choices open to them now then ever before in history.
Love and Seek
Love and seek because, after all, what does our souls really crave? Love actually, that’s what I believe. To break it down, strong themes that always reoccur in all of our lives include......
Military Wives
Military wives are a special breed. There are so many things to learn especially for the new wife. Things like what is protocol, commissary, Army values and most of all how to make a moving list.
Family Love
Family love is very important- both to the parents and to the children.
Love Questions Asked By You
Relationship and love questions asked by my visitors. See if you can't find a situation that you can share your own experience and expertise in too.
Love Help
Need love help? Here is a compilation of my trusted picks for the best relationship help advice available. Find programs, counseling alternatives, and other resources here.
About Me
My name is Soni and I am the owner of Website. Come hang out with me and get to know about me as I get to know about you.
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Share Your Story
Share Your Story! You are the expert because of your experience and lessons that you've learned in life. Pay It Forward! Give advice, share your talents help to encourage other people.
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